#CostaRica 🇨🇷 #Article: Impact of Global Income Tax for Workers

  Without being clear about the final outcome of the events that will take place in the Legislative Assembly, and noting that the bill called "Dual Global Income" is just that, a proposal, it is[...]

#CostaRica 🇨🇷 #ArticlesBDS: Telework. What Should Employers Provide?

  The Law Regulating Telework (hereinafter the “Law”) which entered into force in Costa Rica back in September 2019 laid for the first time a clear legal framework for all employers in the country –[...]

#CostaRica 🇨🇷 #LaborAlertBDS: Extension of the Effective Period Authorizing the Reduction of Workshifts in Light of the Declaration of National Emergency

Yesterday, Bill No. 22.265 “Extension of the effective period authorizing the reduction of workshifts in light of the Declaration of National Emergency” was approved in second discussion. This new[...]

#CostaRica 🇨🇷 #ArticlesBDS: Major considerations to avoid discrimination at work

  Our Labor Code (LC) has always included provisions intended to protect and avoid discrimination at work; however, following the 2017 reform to the LC, actually known as the “Labor Procedure[...]

#Panama 🇵🇦 #LaborAlertBDS: Appropriate handling of workshifts during national holidays

  As November begins, the commemoration of Panama’s national holidays is just around the corner, along with a considerable number of holidays to be enjoyed during the national festivities.

#CostaRica 🇨🇷 #BDSImmigrationAlert: PCR COVID-19 negative test will no longer be required to tourists

  On October 22, Mr. Gustavo Segura, Minister of Tourism, confirmed that as from October 26 Costa Rica will not require a PCR COVID-19 negative test for tourists to enter the country by air, and also[...]

#DominicanRepublic 🇩🇴 Updated measures adopted in light of #COVID19

The following presidential decrees were enacted on October 15, 2020:

#CostaRica 🇨🇷 #ArticlesBDS: Is it legal to temporarily suspend employment contracts of pregnant or breastfeeding workers?

  Since the declaration of the state of emergency as a result of the impact of COVID-19 on March 16, the government implemented a series of measures to support employers in the private sector so that[...]

#CostaRica 🇨🇷 #LaborAlertBDS: On social contributions to be paid by every employer in the country

  Act 9906 "Law to Protect the Right of Workers to Withdraw Supplementary Pension Funds" was published last Monday October 05, which has included amendments to several provisions of Act 7983,[...]

#CostaRica 🇨🇷 #LaborAlertBDS: Enjoyment of the September 15th holiday

  This year, the enjoyment of the September 15th holiday - which commemorates Costa Rica’s 199 years of Independence - will be moved to Monday September 14.
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